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A sexually transmitted infection (STI) has been diagnosed in someone with whom you have had sex. Detailed information and personal advice: *LINK*

It stops with me!

Received a code?

Nobody wants to acquire an (STI). When attracted an STI, one does not want to pass it on. Therefore, notify your partner. This is how you avoid new infections by untreated partners and prevent further transmission.
It is not always easy to inform your partner personally if you have contracted a sexually transmitted disease (STI). That is why we offer an additional tool with this website. Via this website, you can send anonymous messages to (sexual) partners whose contact details you have (telephone number or e-mail address).

How does it work?

Sending notifications

  • You will receive a code from your ARC physician or nurse
  • Enter your code on the homepage
  • Enter the phone numbers (for cell phone messages) or e-mail addresses of your sexual partners
  • Send the messages (each message is sent separately) (click here for an example)

Received a notification?

  • Enter the code you have received on the homepage (home screen), or click on the link in the notification message
  • You will find specific information on the STI you are notified for
  • Print the referral letter (click here for an example)
  • Contact an ARC or your GP to get tested

Info about the code

  • Contains information about the STI that was diagnosed
  • Contains no information about you
  • The code remains valid for 10 days
  • With a code you can send a maximum of 20 notification messages
This service is anonymous. Your privacy is guaranteed read more +

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